Back To School – How to Improve Your Child’s Posture

Recently, taking a little look around, I’m shocked by the postures I am seeing in our youth. Do your kids have mobile phones and tablets? How many hours a day do they spend using them?

Many of these kids and young adults may already have Text Neck. How’s your own posture by the way?

What is text neck?

Just take a look around you. How many people do you see staring down at their phones? Our modern lifestyle means we spend several hours a day (minimum) with our necks bent forward and down staring at our smartphones and computer screens. By doing so, we increase the weight of our heads dramatically, causing extreme pressure on our necks.

Over time, the nerves in the neck are continually put under great stress and tension, leading to significant health risks like chronic headaches, fatigue, spine degeneration and even depression and anxiety! So, in celebration of back-to-school,  teach your slouchy teen how to tuck their chin!

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