If you had to choose Monopoly or Posture?

Which would you let go?

Hello Posture Pupil - you've earned that title if you're here!

My son absolutely loves monopoly. He would play all day and all night if he had the chance. He’s pretty good at it also, but luckily I still win :)

I actually do enjoy monopoly, but my problem with it is that it just takes too long to play. So, oftentimes, I will say no to playing even if I actually do want to play, as I can’t stand the thought of a long ongoing time.

→ And often…that can be the same with exercise.

I actually do enjoy exercise and working out. But oftentimes, I want to just do some quick exercises rather than a full workout at the gym.

This is where my 5 Minute Miracle Posture Workout takes over.

Instead of not taking action because of the time it takes, you only need to give over 5 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to play a 10 minute monopoly game!

If you want to find out how you can improve your posture in just 5 minute bursts whenever you feel like it, please take a look at the following video:

Or you can go directly to:


While you are there, please like the video and leave a comment so I know how I'm getting on.

Keep Wiggling,

Lynda Mags

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