Power of Habits to Numb that Pain🤬

Great if you have no willpower.

Hello Posture Pupil - you've earned that title if you're here!

Hopefully, you've enjoyed the crash course so far.

Our Own Worst Critics

I want to address a vital topic, especially if you still feel like you're hitting a wall.

When it comes to how we look, we are definitely our own worst critics.

“I hate my posture!”

“Nothing ever works for me.”

“This is taking too long.”

“I still have pain.”

Sound familiar?

Remember how I told you that good posture is a habit and takes time to see permanent results?

That is true, but I know it's sometimes hard to stay motivated if we don't see instant results or when we have pain.

I feel so strongly about learning to trust our bodies, even when we have pain, that I have made a bonus video for you.

Click on the video:

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Tomorrow, I’ll give you a list of the videos I have sent you so far with their links, in case you missed any emails.

Keep Wiggling,

Lynda Mags

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