You Win: "My Posture Was Shocking... 😢"

My previous weaknesses is why I am ABLE to help you...

Thank you for your interest in posture 👏 👏 👏 

If you don't know Dr Paula Moore yet, her students call her Posture Doctor 🖐️

Before headaches began in her early 20s, she was a total tomboy as a child and her favorite place to be was hanging upside down on a jungle gym, feeling the wind in her curly hair.

That was bliss and freedom. She was a happy kid.

Headaches took that away from her. She was no longer the person (adult) she wanted to be.

To make things worse, many years ago, she saw a picture of herself from her own clinic opening, and she was horrified by what she saw. She was a Chiropractor with terrible posture.

She felt totally ashamed... how could she help her patients if she couldn't even fix herself?

It gets far worse before it gets better!

You can listen to the whole story when you click the video below:

Keep Wiggling,

Lynda Mags

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